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Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma, Inc. was established on October 22, 2004, with the purpose of supporting Native men in higher education by setting the academic standard. Our founders came together and set the mission of the organization to develop and increase the academic retention, cultural awareness, leadership skills, and personal integrity by providing a fraternal brotherhood for support and encouragement. 


With the motto of  “We Set the Standard,” Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma works to create the standard at which Native men are held to in our communities and throughout Indian Country. We understand that in many of our cultural societies the warriors were the protectors of our peoples and those that were members of those societies gained membership because of their actions and willingness to protect and fight. Today, however, as Native people, we fight for our communities by obtaining an education and using what we have learned to better empower our people. 


As of Fall 2019, Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma has been able to maintain a 74% percent retention rate of all members in 4-year public institutions. We currently hold a 66% graduation rate for 4-year degrees, not including those members still enrolled in college, and a 76% graduation rate for 2-year degrees or the equivalent, excluding those members, still enrolled in college.


Of our alumni, 45% have continued on to complete Master level graduate degrees, while 18% of our alumni are currently working on, or have completed terminal and professional degrees.


With Brothers spanning across the world, Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma, Inc. strives to support all Native men in their endeavors to strengthen all of Indian Country. Together “We Set the Standard.”

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